Lavacqua 火山水

Lavacqua Volcanic Water Final Rinse

Generously spray on clean,
towel-dried hair.
Do not rinse.
Comb/brush through.
Style as usual.

Know more about Lavacqua Volcanic Water Final Rinse

Fights Damaging Effects of Tap Water with Natural Minerals.

  • Increase flow of oxygen and nutrients to hair roots and scalp
  • Protect hair against graying
  • Promotes follicle cells which leads to healthy hair growth
  • Helps in proper functioning of hormones and increased hair growth

Customers Reviews

  • positive review  用了一個月,覺得頭皮健康左,無甩咁多頭髮。真心推介!??????

    Eva Cheung Avatar Eva Cheung

    positive review  真心推介,我用咗火山水之後頭髮質地顯好咗,男朋友用咗之後更加解決佢頭瘡問題!

    Dong Hao Tian Avatar Dong Hao Tian

    positive review  用咗3星期,頭髮柔順好多,又可以出街前當set頭用,多謝店長推介???

    Pinvels HK Avatar Pinvels HK

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